Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Granite Mountain Hotshots

This tragic event has been on my mind for the last several days. I am a retired Forest Service woman. My first few years of work I was required to be a fire fighter when the situation was extreme. I could not fathom the desire to do that work for a living. I did it enough to know that I hated fire fighting. I felt no exhilaration, or enticement for the work. I hated being told that I had to do it...for a week or two...to give up my life, and my choices and to be subject to the extreme risk.

My location only hires young people right out of high school graduation and going to college. No one really understands the extreme danger. They think of it as an exciting adventure, glorified, glamorous, and making much money for college. Admittedly, the best work this little town has to offer its Grads.

I would never, and have never encouraged anyone to become a fire fighter...it is frankly a bad risk. I would never have had my child in this danger.

That said, thousands of young people decide that the work is a good choice for them. Then this kind of event happens...........I liken it to the fever of war on some level. To prove oneself, excitement, glory, and $$$.

I know that they died from the superheated air, and lack of breathing in this situation. The horrible death that one knows is happening...it is heartbreaking, tragic, and terrible.

I mourn for these young men. I know that these are the best, brightest, and most talented......

I mourn for the families, the communities loss, the fire fighters nationwide, and I remember many others lost to fire...Storm Mountain, 30 Mile Creek, to name a few. Some are killed, and others have their lives changed forever.

Something terrible happened, too fast to react as they are trained.......and I understand. Gone too soon.........