Sunday, July 28, 2013

Prairie Flower Stays at East Lake, part 2

This is Prairie Flower's license plate and frame. You will know me on the road!

This is the campsite at East Lake. I made the lace panel for a pretty screen door, I must keep the bugs outside.

This is a closeup to see the pretty lace that I used. This is a simple DIY project. The lace came in a good width, so I just used it as it came. A simple pocket along the top, to put a small tension rod through. The bottom is finished with a white lace pocket. I used clear glass bits for weight, and sewed them in sections for distribution. My creation worked very well, and I am most happy with it. Use your creativity to make one your own.  I got the idea from pinterest where a gal used lace in the trailer screens to pretty them up.

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  1. Hi Sharon, This is a wonderful idea! My "sweetie" doesn't have a screen door either.....may have to try this!! Blessings~~~Roxie


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