Sunday, July 14, 2013

Skin Cancer Part 2

This is what I look like 2 days after surgery. I am pretty bruised, and swollen. The spot was about 1/8th inch, but the result is pretty serious. A Basal cell carcinoma. This is not a trivial thing, sun is dangerous.


  1. I missed "Part One" and will go back and read this. I had this done on my back last fall, it got everything. The only reminder is a very itchy keloid scar. I'm glad they got all of yours!

  2. My goodness Sharon! I'm surprised at the amount of bruising and swelling! Yes, the sun is dangerous, especially for the fair-skinned like you and I.

  3. I will be making an appt. for an small dark spot on my calf soon. I am freckly too, and even tho it can effect any skin....our skin type is prone, I hear. Praying you are healing well. Yes, that is a big cut for such a small spot. This is good info!! Also, I enjoyed the daylilie post...Blessings Roxie


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