Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Yellow Jacket Sting...Ugh!

Yesterday I was stung by a yellow jacket...on the middle finger of my left hand. The sting was located on the palm side, just above the palm. Ouch, and then the worry about the possible allergic reaction. Sis acted quickly, getting me some meds to take. I was swigging away on some children's Benadryl and took several Aspirin. I had immediately put ice of it (we were at an outdoor cafe). Today, I have a very swollen left hand, the knuckles are hidden in the swelling...that itches terribly. This calls for more ice packs and benadryl. I hope that tomorrow will see the swelling leave. I have been unusually sleepy today. I will not be playing the ukulele until the left hand is normal. Bummer!