Saturday, October 5, 2013

A French Coffee Pot!

YES!  Just look at this beauty!! OK, where did I find it you ask.... in the Antique District in Redmond Oregon. Who would guess that I would go into cowboy country and find French antiques. The biggest surprise was that I had many to select from, at least a dozen. Then I looked at everyone of them to find the one for me. Condition was very important because I will use it, then style and color. There were two that were in great condition, the other one was white and had good style. Alas, the shaded blue with the long spout won me over. The inside was slightly tea stained, but a little scrubbing with sugar cleaned it up. Hurrah! The price was so opposed to the prices I saw a month ago. So...Lorri, thank you for your offer to find one in Paris, but as you can see I have one now.

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  1. I brought a coffee pot collection with us, when we moved here, but I don't have one like that. Neat!


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