Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pie Making

It is that time of year when pie making happens pretty often around this house. The apples have just been picked and are awaiting making them into pie filling. I think that I have been able to finally...after years of learning and making accomplish a good pie.

If you are a canning things for later, a good use of fruit from your own trees, or berries, follow the USDA published recipe. I have used it for several years, and found that having my own pie filing in quart jars is wonderful. Be sure to use Sure-jell for thickening, it works great.

The pastry is another learning project for me. I admit that for years I could not roll out pie dough. In Fact, it was so bad that I just pressed it into my pie pans and made a crumb topping.  Then, I found the Martha Stewart method, getting everything cold, cold, cold. That is the trick that works for me. Yes, I do use Crisco. It makes a flaky, tender and tasty crust. A member of my family, who thinks that they are the best pie maker.....makes the pretty but very tough, yucky crust. My good crust is a secret from them.

OK, another truth....sometimes I don't feel like making crust. Then I get out the custard cups and make pumpkin pie filling for the cups. Everyone loves them with real whipped cream. 

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