Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Forecast ---- Freezing Fog ---- Ugh!

Freezing fog is coming for the next several days. Where I live on High Prairie we are normally too high in elevation, and are above the fog. Not tonight, it is here and it is going to be cold (for here) 26 degrees. The road department has covered the pavement with the chemicals that stop ice from forming on the roads. This stuff works pretty good, and it's going to get a good test tonight. I drained the hoses and put them away. The cattle are well fed. I am thawing some stew meat for tomorrow's crock pot. There is plenty of firewood in the house for the morning. The new fireplace insert works very well, I like wood heat, it just feels warmer than electric heat. It looks like some time at home to craft, clean, read, and plan for Thanksgiving. A good thing really.

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