Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside

This is not news to most of us in the USA. A polar front is sweeping down from the North Pole, bringing frigid temperatures.  It was a new low today for my home, December 4 2013, at 14 degrees. This is just for this date. It is a dry cold, sunny, not windy, or snowing. I am sorry for all of you that are in the Midwest, cold there. This is pretty bad for all the wildlife and outdoor livestock. They say the windchill in Bismark North Dakota is going to be -45 degrees tomorrow.

What am I doing for the wild birds?...I have a heated birdbath and put out black oil sunflower seeds.  I have a heated dog and cat water dish that is outside, although these pets stay indoors mostly. I put 2 water trough de-icers into the water for the cattle and gave them extra hay.

Inside the house, the Fireplace insert is going all day, the sun gives the house plenty of solar heat and we are comfortable. All in all, pretty nice inside. I am hoping that everyone is staying warm tonight.

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