Thursday, December 5, 2013

Feeding the Wild Birds Suet Cakes

I love to feed the wild birds, especially in the winter months. I make my own suet cakes from a simple recipe from Wild Bird Magazine. I tried the factory made suet cakes, however, I found that the birds do not like the factory made cakes that can be purchased in many stores. The birds don't really like the fancy feeders out there, just get these simple cages for feeding.

This feeder is a peanut feeder, a great source for winter food. I don't find that the birds here like peanuts very well. I put chopped walnuts into this feeder, with a tray attached to the bottom so that they walnuts don't end up in the snow.  The birds go for it!!  In addition, I put cracked corn onto the ground after snow removal, this works for many birds including quail.

Be sure to put the feeders near a window so you can enjoy bird watching while in the comfort of the house...and then you will be able to refill the feeders easily. Oh, and BTW it was 10.9 degrees here last night. Burrrrr