Thursday, December 19, 2013

Fun Craft Project - Candle Cups

I saw this fun project in one of those really expensive magazines today at B & N.  You don't need to go purchase a bunch of supplies, that is good. These are put together by reusing bottles (the kinds we all recycle), filling them with your own goodies, and attaching a votive candle holder on the top. A really cute idea to make for yourself or someone for a gift.

She used the votive candle cups that fit into a standard candle sticks, shells, or something that adds weight to the jar (so the don't easily fall over).

Brilliant idea, and you still have a little time to make some for Christmas.

I need to tell you my story about magazines. Last year...about 13 months ago, I decided to go on a "magazine diet". It is crazy how much these cost, and it really adds up. It is too bad that I cannot read these at the library. So, sometimes I flip through them at B & N. I might take a pic or two.  My results from the magazine diet are good. I have saved myself from spending much on the eye candy....and I don't feel the need to keep them (of course I don't have any to keep and clutter up my life).  The result is very good for me! I am happy, and I don't feel deprived.

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