Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Playing with Dolls...

I have had to stay home for the last several days due to the freezing conditions and the extremely bad roads. I have a SUV with 4 wheel drive, so it is bad when I don't go out.  My time has been spent in my studio, working on crafts. I got this rag doll at a thrift shop. She was as plain as can be, I changed all that one day. I added the apron, lace, crochet, jewelry and do-dads. I have further plans. I want to do something with her hair, and add more trims. This is a work in progress, and I like to overdo sometimes. I call her my Brave Girl Doll, Prairie Girl.

Today, I went to our little town. 3000 souls and there isn't much to offer for entertainment. I stopped by a friends home for tea, and went to the thrift store.  What a score...they were just pricing and putting out a huge collection of vintage sewing trims. I just selected my favorites and barely touched this collection. I found many vintage crochet laces...just my thing for crafting. Yes!! I am going to have fun. I got a tiny size pink trim that is going to be perfect for the rag doll's hemline, and maybe for her sleeves.