Sunday, December 8, 2013

Simple Times

I found this 1912 December cover from Successful Farming the other day. I thought about how 100+ years ago life was completely different in many ways. A child would feel very loved and cared for when Grandma made mittens for them. Then I noticed the caption at the bottom "Christmas Memories", then maybe this was about 100 to 150 years ago.......

I guess that Grandma probably made many mittens, she would have had many grandchildren.

I thought about all the glossy magazines of this era, and the messages we are sent...bigger, better, nicer, spend, spend, spend $$$$. Hum...I just read O Magazine December 2013 issue today...and you guessed it...just the same thing....$$$. Readers think that what they portray is normal life, and that we need to be the same...........what? I think that my magazine "diet" has done wonders for me. I think that I used to believe the pictures,. and attempt to copy the ideas inside my home.

I have a smaller tree again this year...hubby can not understand. I will happy to decorate the tree no matter the size. I am happy with less.