Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bluebirds by Norcrest

Life is pretty boring around here. Western Oregon is having a deluge of rain during this February. The rest of the USA is getting blizzards, one after the other. We are getting the liquid water. I think that we have received 17" of rain. Now, that would be seventeen feet of snow. I am so........over it. What is there to do in this tiny town.........go to the thrift store and junk store for entertainment. Well.........the story is I went to the junk store for the first time in 4 weeks. I found a few things to use for crafting, and this cute bank. My research revealed that it is a 1950-60's Norcrest, made in Japan ceramic.

I have seen these birds used on other items, from some blogs that I follow, and on Pinterest. They are each hand painted, and unique. I really have a hard time believing that they are for sale for over $50 on eBay. I would believe maybe $10-12. 

Well, I like birds...vintage ceramic ones. now has a place of honor on my studio windowsill.

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  1. Cute little vintage blue birds of happiness :)


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