Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Elk and Mountain Lions...Oh My!

The weather is bad enough right now.  Then add to that the 150+ Roosevelt Elk that roam all over this area. They eat all our forage to the ground and attract the Mountain Lions. There are both here right now. Hubby saw the Mountain Lion tracks on our place (there are 2). A call from a neighbor told us that there have been sightings of the Mountain Lions from the road, and they like to use a brushy area beside us to hide themselves. Another neighbor lost all his chickens this week to Mountain Lions....jumping into and out off his chicken yard, right in the middle of the day. I told hubby this is why I don't have chickens. I noticed that the deer are really watching and listening the sounds around them. Those big cats need to eat some of the elk! There are way too many elk. Oh, speaking of elk, I saw 4 big bull elk right behind our house, very nervous, they all had huge antlers on hubby is training the dog to sniff out and retrieve antlers....and there is good pay for antlers to sell them. However, he can't chance losing the dog to a big cat.