Monday, June 30, 2014

Bucking Hay Bales in 97 Degree Heat

The weather forecast is for extreme heat here, very high, and the fact that the temperature has been under 85 all this summer is important. We humans cannot handle the change to 97 very well.  I bring this up because we are putting up more hay bales tomorrow. We hire local High School boys to work for us. We pay them well.  I am worried the everyone is going to suffer in the heat...maybe have heat related problems....certainly hubby. I told him that I didn't want to take anyone to the hospital for heat exhaustion, or stroke. Hum...I think that he could care less. I just know that I will be watching everyone closely while working.

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  1. Super hot in NM the last two days too! I went for a walk with family from Texas at 5 pm. We thought it might have cooled off some, but it really was too much! I can't imagine having to work in that kind of heat! Fortunately we only have a few days like this.


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