Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Kayak with Camptown Girls

Judy H.

Most of the members of Camptown Girls have Kayaks. I have been considering, or teasing myself with purchasing my own.  I admit that it is fun to paddle around a high mountain lake, enjoy the quiet, see the wildlife and hear the sounds/songs of nature. I make it seem so desirable...if fact, I want it very much. My truth is that I have skin cancer, having all 4 kinds removed from my skin. I am very fortunate to have not had it kill me, I have survived for 17 years. I know that I have a responsibility to myself to avoid sun exposure. I can do that with good sunscreen, clothing, hats, and being smart about my sun exposure. I must not get into a kayak and tease my health to enjoy the adventures that await. My decision is made.

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