Wednesday, July 9, 2014

There is Trouble in the Bee Hive

We started our journey in Bee Keeping about 15 months ago, and all was good until sometime in late May 2014. I think that we had the hive swarm, and most of them left for another location. I have read and understand that there is a new Queen left with a variety of workers and eggs to hatch. We just know that the colony had a dramatic decline in numbers, after the fruit trees bloomed. We could not locate a Queen in the hive. There is plenty of food stored in the hive for the bees...and they stopped eating the food that we provide. We got a replacement Queen, and installed her.  If she succeeded in making her way around the hive and layed eggs...the new workers  will start hatching soon. Or if not, the bees will die and there will be an empty box. You see, the worker bees only live 3 weeks. It certainly is disappointing to have invested so much into the project...and to have this happen.

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