Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Forest Wildfire Smoke

I snapped this picture with my phone about 6 pm today. The smoke is from a group of 3 fires that are close together. The wind suddenly changed direction, and the 90 degree day made the fire really blaze...and grow.  Burned fir needles and burned leaves were falling all around us. I am concerned about the possibility of a hot spark falling into the tall dead grass in the background (neighbor's). The fire is about 8 miles away.

If you look closely behind our tractor, there is a deer, she watched me take the photo...........

You must think, am I worried? I am a retiree of the US Forest Service and I wonder why they are spending so much time messing around with this fire...and they have 1000+ firefighters assigned to the fire. There are 8 helicopters, and I saw 2 retardant planes on the fire about 6 pm today. The spending is exceeding a million dollars a day.

I water around the house, and take all precautions to have our buildings in a defensible space. Personally...I detest wildfires, and the way they destroy the forest. I absolutely hate the smoke.

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