Friday, August 15, 2014

White McCoy Vase

This beautiful vase is my other great find at a thrift store. When the vintage faire doesn't have anything that "speaks" to you...Check out the thrift stores. I never know if I will find anything or something great. The vase is about 12 inches tall. I collect this color because they make a great arrangement when put out together in a display. And...every color looks good in them. A very versatile collection, indeed......and you know what? My collection is about 25 vases, and all were found at thrift stores. They haven't cost me much, and I have received enjoyment and use of fact, I used them for the floral arrangements for my daughters' wedding 3 years ago.

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  1. I collect white milk glass. I love thrift store shopping because you never know what you might find, the thrill of the hunt i guess :) My Aunt sometimes borrows my milk glass for weddings. I have quite a collection too :)


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