Monday, September 8, 2014

Vintage Startex Butterfly Towel

Vintage Startex Butterfly Tea Towel

Yesterday was the one day each year when there is a big outdoor antique sale in this area. Coburg Antique Faire. I went late in the day, and spent only two hours. I saw a friend at the sale, she said that she had been there 6 hours and was still at it...she had her shopping hand cart full of purchases. So much stuff, prices were higher than expected....but maybe I could bargain a dealer down a little at the end of the they were tired and starting to pack up their stock. I was lucky, and found a dealer who was ready to head home. She said that she would make deep discounts....hum, I thought I will see. I picked out a few vintage fabric screen print items, and asked her for a price....OK, $2 each. Sold! I will use them in Prairie Flower. I had been there long enough, and was not feeling well from I headed toward the parking shuttle. I again saw my friend, and she had even more stuff. She sure has a love for the search...and find.

Update on Shingles, it has spread all over the upper right side, my neck, upper shoulder, upper chest. I have a painful right ear, and it feels like an infection...back to the Dr.

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