Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Belknap Hot Springs Glamping

Here we are at Belknap Hot Springs Resort. Prairie Flower is parked right beside Artie.

This beauty is a complete professional restoration. A 1957 trailer, Must Love Dogs, so pretty.

This little cutie is restored. I don't know the name or year, but she is very nice. The awning is wonderful.

This vintage 1960's Airstream is named Helen Wheels! Get it...Hell on Wheels. It is a completely restored beauty.

This trailer is truly vintage...1947. It had been stored in a barn and was in great condition when the owner found it. She restored some things, but it is mostly original.

There are more trailers for another post. This group of women that met here for the 3rd year in a row...and most have reserved their sites for 2015. Well...and let me say that they are most protective of their personal sites. If someone takes their site...it is a big faux pas. I didn't make a reservation for 2015, all the sites are spoken for by the ladies of the club.

There were about 40 gals there. I was a bit overwhelmed by the shear number, too many to remember every one's name. This group is a number of women who decided to leave Sisters on the Fly. Why? SOTF have so many rules and regulations that must be followed. They have a yearly membership of $60, and then you are expected to pay more at every event. So...we Oregonians are independent...and the group is doing very well.

Hum...that said, I rather like camping, and not resorts with a large group...and a high price per night, for a tiny site with very close neighbors. The tent trailer was right beside me, with their table 10' from my trailer door.  I will need to think about this group for next year...it certainly is better than the Drunks and Dogs.

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  1. Hey Sharon, I like the last photo, of the 1947 trailer, sort of looks like a Viking... but I can't tell for sure... Sweet non the less...
    As for the large groups,,, thou I have glamped many a time with large groups (30+) to be quit honest, I prefer and enjoy smaller (10 or less) get
    together.. more relaxing, and easy to sit around the campfire with friends,,, and you don't feel stressed to "Make the rounds".... plus it's more fun to go trailer hoping, a glass of wine here, a snack there,
    cuppa jo at another... and meals are so much easier and relaxing!
    Happy Trails...


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