Saturday, October 11, 2014

Refueling My Soul

I really like the last paragraph in this truth. Be brave today and do something that puts a smile on you face...

I have been feeling very alone, due to various things. So, I strike up conversations with strangers at various the young woman at McDonald's drive thru. She was cute and had a great smile, so I complimented her. I hope that she enjoyed it, and made her day better. I enjoyed her! 

I enjoyed a nice woman at a mall jewelry store today, she was very welcoming and warm to me...and saw that I was helped right away. A wonderful experience for me. 

I went to Best Buy to find a simple camera to carry with me. The young man there was trying to be helpful, but wasn't quite on I said "If you were going to select a camera for your mother, what would you choose?" That got him going, he selected two that he thought would be great...and I purchased one of them. That was a good experience!

These are simple and small things that refuel my soul.

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