Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Tree Time

It is the time of the year for getting a Christmas Tree. The tree farm next door has been very busy for about three weeks.  I don't know how many have been cut, wrapped and loaded up. A lot! There have been 5 or 6 truck trailer loads removed at this time. I am talking about the 40 foot long haul trucks. I understand that these trees are headed to San Francisco Bay area. The Mexican workers are out in all weather, working about 15 hours each day.

The weather was dry and warm (60), the time was right. Hubby had already picked out the two trees to cut. He drove the tractor over to the tree farm, and we cut the trees. Yay!

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  1. I grew up with a real tree for Christmas. I really do miss the smell, but we can't have one here (fire hazard).


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