Thursday, February 12, 2015

Vintage Southwest American Jewelry

Do you like the look and feel of vintage jewelry? I sure do. Do you know that shopping for these items at thrift stores is fun, and I love a hunt for beautiful, and unique bargain prices.  When looking for these items it is best to start at a good Antique Shop that specializes in SW silver jewelry. Why, because you can become carefully looking at pieces, looking at the marks and the differences in items. The prices are an idea of the dealers estimate of value. Go to several shops and learn from each. Look online, but I don't buy items, I have been misled by photos.

I have found and purchased these two vintage bracelet's at thrift stores since the beginning of 2015. I am particular, and only select the special things that I will enjoy wearing. I found the sunflower bracelet just on Tuesday.... Happy Valentines Day to me.

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