Monday, June 1, 2015

About the Drinking and Drug Culture and Women

OK, that's a strange title for a post.........I just wanted to get your attention. I just returned from an all women's camping trip. I think that I must be odd...because I rarely drink, and never to excess. What? Why do I think that...because 95% of the other women at the campground were boozing all weekend. I have wine with me, but I didn't want it.....I think that am too straight for the weed for me either. Maybe, the group is just a poor fit for me? I went to bed a bit early on Saturday evening because it seem that a big drunk party was getting underway. Are most of them binge drinking alcoholic's? It seems that way...I am rethinking things. It is possible to have a great time without the booze. What am I going to do? My Brave Girls Club has made me understand the things that I want in my life.  My participation with the group creates a conflict, and I know the decision...............I am uncomfortable, and know that the group is not the right choice for me.

I just thought about this situation for a bit. Some of the women say in messages that there is not a drinking culture happening, and that they have never witnessed the same things that I see. They are taking over, and not admitting to their own participation. The old "I am right and you are wrong" thinking. To point out that perhaps they have a binge drinking problem has become a threat to them. I think that it is time to plan trips with the women that I have become good friends with, and to check closely the lists of attendees. I can participate by choosing the events to attend. I have a plan.


  1. Good for you Sharon! This country DOES have a serious drinking problem...regardless if it's binge drinking, all the time, etc. It's nice to see people who make smart, life changing decisions instead of going along with what they know isn't right. Blessings~~~Roxie

  2. Honestly, sounds like a liability to me. Someone will either get hurt or do something stupid, and then they will take notice.


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