Thursday, June 18, 2015

Vintage Native American Silver Jewelry

My cell phone camera is not the best for photos, and they are blurred a bit.

I found a great bargain at the thrift store last week, and now I am going to "show and tell" about it. This bracelet is vintage sterling silver and turquoise, one of a kind, hand made by a Montana Silversmith. "Son of Bear", as his work is marked, is Ray Miller, a man who is part Cherokee. His work of unusual, it features very detailed leaf and flower patterns applied on the base sterling silver bracelet. He stopped silver smithing sometime about 1990. His work is dated between 1960 to 1990. 

What is the bargain? An Internet search reveled some surprising results. I saw a similar bracelet priced higher than $750! Wow, I see this price and wonder if it is well above reasonable. Yes, the item is very heavy for the size, a lot of silver. I would never consider purchasing an item like this for that kind of price...I am not crazy. I paid $15, half off the $29.99 price. I never pay much for my silver, because that is part of the fun. Things to look for at junk stores, and flea markets.

So much for the story! I have a nice little collection of Vintage Native American jewelry. It all started with a small Hopi pendant that I purchased at Yellowstone National Park, Old Faithful store, about 1979. I love wearing these things most of the time, because they are casual and fun. This suits me and my style.

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