Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Vintage Sheets

I have found that I don't like the new sheets that are available. The fabric is thin, and lightweight. The cost is amazingly expensive for the quality of the sheets.

I noticed on pinterest that women are finding new unused vintage sheets. They sheets come in some wonderful prints and colors. The fabric is substantial, the sheets wash and dry beautifully.  The miss-matched look is eclectic and unusual. Some gals are cutting up the larger sheets and making twin, and crib size sheets with them. Other women are making quilts, and rugs with them.

I found a complete set of gorgeous pink flowered sheets and pillowcases in a full size. Never used...straight out of the package. These are used exclusively in my vintage trailer....and I love them.

My gosh, do you know that if you find these sheet sets...the price is much lower than going to Macy's or Ross and purchasing the poor quality new ones. The styles are much more attractive. I sound like an advertisement... right. 

This photo does not show the vibrant colors of the floral pattern very well. The pattern reminds me of Vera floral items. This sheet still has great elastic in the corners, and I doubt that it was used.The fabric is still like new.  The other two sheets were used a little, and the elastic is bad on the fitted yellow floral sheet. I know that I can replace the elastic without much trouble.

Here is the plan...the bed is a King, with deep mattress. I know that I am not going to find a fitted sheet for a deep, pillow top mattress. Therefore, I am looking for two nice King Flat sheets. The blue sheet fits the plan, and I am stilling looking for another flat sheet. The fitted sheets? Well, the yellow one is a California King, extra long. I am thinking that I could use the other sheet to enlarge it with strips along the sides, with seams at the top edges of the mattress. Two fabrics? It might look odd? That is why I am looking for another King Flat, in blue tones, not as much contrast.

I am odd? Well...I like a good fabric sheet. I can't buy any these days for under $200. I got these 3 sheets for under $10.

Those of you that are about 60, will remember the colors and floral patterns from the late 60's and 70's. Maybe you even had sheets like these. My mother didn't believe in sheets in colors, she only had white sheets. Me? The first sheet set that I purchased for myself....you can bet that they were a pretty floral.

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  1. Having sold sheets for years, my favorite sheet out on the market now is at Target and it is the 100% cotton one that comes in separates, not sheets. They are solid but do come in a variety of colors. It wears well and washes well.

    Most of the sheets we grew up with were muslin so a thicker thread and only 120 threads/sq inch. It wasn't until we were older that permapress and more threads/sq inch were added to the mix.


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