Friday, June 12, 2015

Vintage Train Case

Oh my....look at the thrift store find today, only $3.50! An old piece of luggage, a vintage train case from another era. The interior is pretty plain, and the mirror is doesn't smell bad. I know that many ladies have fun painting and mod podging fabric to these...I like this item as it is. I took a mister clean eraser sponge to the edges, and cleaned up the grubbiness. Hum, what to do with this small treasure? I think that I will use it to store electronic gear, tablet, Nook e-reader, camera, MP3 player, speaker, batteries, cords, power back-up, etc. These things are not something that I keep in my trailer, and it is handy to store them together....I will spend much less time looking for things, if I organize them.

Here is my thrift store shopping hint. My local store only gets new merchandise two times each week, Tuesdays and Thursdays. I go to the store in the early afternoon...when the stuff is being put out. I find great stuff in the carts of things being sorted and put out onto the shelves. Don't be shy...look for the great things. I also always look at the jewelry cases, sometimes there are great jewelry pieces. More on that later.....

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