Monday, August 31, 2015

Camping with Groups

Many women enjoy camping, and feel most comfortable when with a group of like minded women. I am a member of three women's camping groups...and a private group of 4 women. The private group seems to be the best fit for us. We might allow others into the group, but it is only by invitation only, and agreement with the others. No dropping by, or inviting oneself to the group.

I talked with the "leader" of one the groups recently, and she expressed the problems that have been occurring with the group. She finally experienced firsthand the excessive consumption of liquor. She now agrees with me that the person(s) need to be told that they are no longer allowed to participate.

The drinkers flaunt their booze in front of others, just to annoy people. The bullies want everything for their personal interests. The dog owners with the barking, biting, horrible beasts...........ignore the fact that the group hates their dogs. The non-paying non-members weasel into the camping weekends, when they "con", naive, new members into inviting them. They then expect the group to accommodate them, and allow them to share personal campsites. These are the main problems. What to do? Rules....and members willing to enforce the rules and follow the rules. Do I see that happening with this group? Well.....not really...the women seem to be fearful of saying anything to the offenders.

The private group is good, we all enjoy each other and a smaller group is great. We can share campsites with our small trailers, or camp near each other. 

I want to ask my followers who camp with groups, how do you do it?

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  1. I don't do that, you know me 😉 however I generally go by two statements:

    Less is more
    Two's a party, three's a crowd


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