Thursday, August 27, 2015

What I Know For Sure.

Most people would be surprised to know how much time I spend alone. Not lonely, Just alone. With myself. Being alone with my thoughts.

Yes, I often am. I crave silence. It is how I balance my mind. Being with people is sometimes stressing to me.

What makes me me is being able to enjoy the stillness. Like now, sitting inside the house with no sounds except the hum of the house. Nothing to distract me, no TV, no other people, and the quiet. 

I have made decisions to skip events, because I would rather be home.

Now I know for sure: The only thing you shouldn't miss is what matters to you. What some consider a quirk, I fully accept as a part of being true to myself.

from Oprah magazine, October 2014

I, like Oprah, find that quiet time...alone important to my well-being. I enjoy myself.

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  1. This is so true for me also. I really enjoy my downtime too. But I can tend to 'hide away' sometimes and that can go on until I find myself almost depressed. It's more of a winter thing as the dark days seem to get to me.


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