Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I love Ariat Boots

These are my new Ariat boots for the coming fall and winter. I decided to go ahead and get some new ones. These are not western, but they are good looking and have a waterproof inner membrane. The uppers are a treated insulated lined canvas, and the boot is a waterproof leather. The weather here is very wet after summer is over, and this style will keep my feet warm and dry. They have the Ariat wonderful foot form, shape, and comfort. If you have never tried on an Ariat boot...just check them out. I found these online at Zappos. I know that I wear a size 10 in Ariats, so I am happy. I ordered these on Saturday and received them the next Monday at noon! That is great shipping (free).

I have been wearing my old Ariat boots for too long, they are really shabby looking, but still have life in them...for what...gardening, and maybe painting the house. I think that the old ones will be garden "pots" for something next year.

I have found that when I purchase high quality footwear, the extra expense is a bargain in the long run. (I don't mean the ultra expensive designer footwear.) Boots that I love, that are very comfortable to wear, that are classic, and fit well into my lifestyle are the best for me. Money well spent...then several years later I will make myself replace them. Unlike a pair of boots, that I wore 3 times, and will be selling at Buffalo Exchange. That was a mistake... for sure....

These are named Chatsworth H20, and I got them online at Zappos.


  1. Wait, are those said boots cute? You're daughter will take them off your hands if they are! 😉

  2. Hello. I was wondering what these boots are called? I looked at the Ariat site and found nothing that looks like this. They are REALLY nice boots, so was thinking of getting myself some. Thank you for your response. jules


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