Saturday, September 12, 2015

Vintage Yellow Enamelware Covered Pot

This enamelware was a surprise I found at an antique fair. European? Not Chinese! It is not marked on the bottom, it is old, how old? The inside is pristine white. The lid is a great bonus. The size is about 9" across the top. I am going to put it to use in my vintage trailer, Prairie Flower, a 1963 Aloha. I have been getting some old enamelware to use, and it is fun to get away from the ordinary! When I bring this to potluck dinners, the gals will ask about it, even if there is a pasta salad inside.

This photo is from pinterest. They say on an Etsy store that it is Japan, but it isn't do they know. Anyway, they don't have the lid.........

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