Friday, October 23, 2015

Fall Garden Cleanup

I know that all of you that seriously garden understand the importance of good fall cleanup.  I am doing just that, removing all the old plants from the garden, and putting them on a compost pile. I used to use my garden cart...just like this photo...hard work when there is a big garden to take care of. These days we own a Branson farm tractor with a bucket on the front. I loaded and took 5 large loads of material to the compost pile. I probably have another 4 loads to do next week. Then early next year the pruning of berries, grapes, and trees. It sure adds up over the long term. In the spring we put out into the garden small seeds and plants....and in the fall, we remove very large plants...sometimes I am amazed how a sunflower seed can grow into a huge plant.

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