Monday, November 23, 2015

Vintage Turkey Shakers

 Collecting vintage Turkey Shakers. I have collected quite a few of the shakers that were made in Japan.

The best and lowest cost place to go is the thrift store at this time of the year.

They save these to put out with the other seasonal type items.

I suggest that you stop by your favorite antique store to look at the ones that are for sale.

Get a good feeling for what the old ones are like. Look for the old corks. Most are stamped, Japan.

Most of the original sets are like these.  One Tom Turkey and One Hen Turkey.

I am not particular about getting the sets. I like the single shakers just as well.

This set is in mint condition. Some sets have cold paint on them, that means that the finish glaze is under the paint. The paint is easily rubbed and washed off.

The thing that I like about decorating with them is that if I use a fall color scheme it is super easy.

Add Turkeys here and is fun and this photo shows.

This post is a Thanksgiving Day distraction for me.

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  1. I love them! I do not have any salt and pepper shakers but I do have several turkey planters from Japan I have collected over the years.


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