Thursday, December 17, 2015

Ariat Chatsworth H2O Boots Review

I wrote a blog post last September or October about purchasing these boots for the wet and snowy winter weather. I have now had enough time to wear them and want to tell you about them. I got them online from Zappos

1. They are true to the photo, no surprises.
2. I thought that they were too large at first. I have been using several types of socks to find the right ones for the boots. The right socks made a huge improvement.
3. They were stiff and uncomfortable for the first 6-8 times I wore them. I have now worn them about 10 times and they have softened, and formed to my feet...and they are fitting very well.
4. I tested them in cold, wet, and very slushy snow. I walked in 2 inches of water. Yes, my feet stayed dry! I have not treated them with any shoe stuff.

Now, I really think that they are worth the expense. I think that the Ariat Boot quality shows and I will use the boots for several years. I properly rotate my footwear so they dry and air out completely between wearings.

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