Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Dear Swan

From Brave Girls Club,

What if the kindest thing that you could ever do for yourself is simply to let yourself be happy, to let yourself enjoy your life, to let yourself be who you are, TO LET YOURSELF BE. LET YOURSELF BE OK.

This is something no one else can do for yourself sweet friend. LET YOURSELF BE. Give yourself a break. Give yourself some grace. Give yourself some kindness. Give some beautiful love to your own soul. You need it. You are worth it. And you are meant to have it.  

"Be kind, gentle, and loving, to yourself." My personal mantra.

Today, a little story to tell you. I had a normal dental cleaning and checkup. My longtime dental hygienist Kelly told me about her 8 yr old daughter. I am sure that the child is wonderful...but the parents have fallen into the trap. The trap? You might wonder....

The parents are making their child the only thing in life. There is no balance.
The eight year old is booked into every kind of activity...all of the time. The parents are totally committed to living all their lives by taking their child all over the place...and have no time for any personal activities or interests.

I believe that children do not want their lives to be scheduled like this...it is crazy making for both the kid and the parents. Why? I ask? Husband wants it, she says. It is an extension of how he was raised, he did swimming, and his parents gave up everything for him. That is all he knows. Well.....How about spending much more time as a family, and one on one with your child? Are they afraid of that?

Years from now, the Girl is going to tell someone that she wanted the time with Mom and Dad...not coach and team................that is my belief.

Back in my day, there were rare parents that fell into this trap. Most families were not child centered. Balance....

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  1. I agree Sharon. Kids need a chance to just be kids. I'd be miserable without any down time and I truly believe that children need it too.

    Thanks for stopping by to say hello. Have a Merry Christmas!



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