Thursday, January 14, 2016

Vintage Pillowcases into Tote or Tea Towel

via Pinterest

I enjoy finding these nice bits of the past, when women had the time and loved to make crafted items for their homes. Most women embroidered their own pillowcases, and table runners. I have been enthralled with the handwork and beauty of the items...therefore I have collected quite a few pretty little works of art. In fact, yesterday I found 4 vintage pillowcases for $2 total. They are in good condition overall...just a bit of yellow stain on them. I am thinking that I might remake them into a tote, similar to this one. Except I will not patchwork them, I will cut the embroidery and crochet edges off at about 10" to use for the outside. I envision two of the pieces used on each side, and the remainder of the good cotton for the body, handles, and lining. Another winter project....oh what will I ever do!

via Pinterest
This is another cute idea from an Etsy shop. She used purchased tea towels, and sews the vintage embroidery to them. This is pretty much a decorative towel. I know that the towel wouldn't last in my house. I will not be doing this project.

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  1. Have you seen this quilt?

    I have many vintage embroidery pieces as well. Thought about doing something like this with them.

    Love the tote!


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