Tuesday, March 29, 2016

If you had a free day.....

Here's an idea...some questions for you to think about.

If you had a free day all to yourself how would you spend it?

In your eyes, what makes life worthwhile?

What have you accomplished, that you are most proud of?

What is the one big goal or dream that you are working for in your life.

from Rachel Awes, speaker at Brave Girls Symposium


  1. Hello, off the top of my head Kenwood blankets were made in the Ottawa Valley and sold by Eatons ( was the big department store chain)
    hope this helps,

  2. Sharon, if you can send me a pic of blanket label I might be able to help a bit more. Queen size would indicate its after late 50s, Eatons closed a few years ago. Does it have a satin binding?


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