Monday, June 20, 2016

Sixteen Days to Go!!!

I have been awaiting July for quite a while now (6 months).  I jumped right on board for this exciting event. I went to Brave Girls Camp in Idaho in October 2013, and returned in November 2014 for a special invitation only camp. It may not be known to many women that special invitation events occur. They try to keep these events quiet. The 2014 event was very special and life changing for me. Everyone's experience is unique and so I will not write much about mine.

The Brave Girl Symposium is a first time event, and is open to many more Brave Girls. I did not want to miss out! Of course I immediately registered, and booked a room at the hotel were the conference was being held. I think that I want to get the best possible experience, and I am doing it right. Wow, I am now on the countdown to July 6th.....gulp.  Planning and getting things ready, and deciding..........I have some old cowboy boots to glam up for the event. There is a fancy gala on the last evening, and I am going to bring along something special to wear. It involves a tiara, and a square dancing petticoat, and cowboy boots. Or, a special occasion dress (last seen at a wedding). I am trying to stay reasonable about my attire (not purchasing anything). I know one thing for sure, I better start using the self tanner on my legs soon!

PS, I had to bribe hubby with something expensive that he wanted.

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