Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Brave Girl Symposium 2016

I have been home from the Symposium for a few days now and have a few things to tell you about the experience. The event was wonderful, fabulous, and also a disappointment for me. There were 500 women in attendance and almost all of them came with friends. They were sort of friendly to me, in a cold sort of way. I thought that they were not interested in making new friends, so I was kind of the odd person. I am strong and made the most of the situation.

The event was very well planned, with great speakers and almost all the time we were seated in chairs in the ballroom. It was as if all the speakers had terrible childhoods and bad things happening to them... they all had abandonment by their mothers, and abuse. It seem to me that there are many women who are wise and have good things to share that have not had those issues.

The Boise Riverside Hotel is pretty expensive and not all that great. If I return again...I will not stay there. 

We were asked to bring art supplies with us and didn't use them. We didn't have time to make the projects. I have many projects that I brought home, and will complete them here.

I came home joyful and happy about the Symposium. Will I attend the 2017 event? I don't know.....

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