Sunday, July 17, 2016

Growing Gooseberries and Harvesting/Canning Them

I posted two years ago about the Captivator Gooseberries that I started growing. The plants were small when I first got them so I used large plastic pots for the first year.  I wanted the three plants to grow much larger before directly planting them.  Last year I planted the three plants into their permanent location in the garden. They grew well. Here are a couple of tips about gooseberries I have learned. Prune them yearly, and they will propagate easily by putting limbs in direct contact with soil. This spring I gave away many new plants from this propagation. I suggest that you purchase only one plant, and growing your own additional plants.

I am picking many gooseberries right now, and decided to make jam out of them. You only need 4 cups of the berries, to start with...and it makes 4 half pints. Here is the recipe Gooseberry Jam.

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