Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Apple Pie Day

Oh yeah Girlfriends, Today is Apple Pie Day....says me.  Everything is very busy here on the farm. We are prepping for fall rainy season, and winter. Right now there are multiple projects ongoing. We harvested honey from our 6 hives on Sunday, and now are extracting the honey, filtering in, processing it, and putting the honey into storage jars. The project is just starting...but I estimate that we will end up with 75 lbs of honey.

Another ongoing project is heating and purifying the beef tallow for handmade soap. This takes several days, I use a crock pot inside the shop...to keep the mess and smell out of the house. I may make soap next week.

We have been preparing the barn and paddock areas for the cattle. We keep them close to home during the winter feeding season. They enjoy the summer months of pasture and we let them stay as long as possible.

I cleaned and defrosted,  the extra freezer and refrigerator that is inside the shop. I organized the indoor freezer.

We backed the big travel trailer into the shop for the next 7 - 8 months.

I have been putting things inside the shop, the pool house, and the greenhouse, meaning- the garden stuff that does not remain in the weather.  Cleaning plants out of the yard & garden, I have removed several tractor loads. The plant material goes on a large compost pile There are still harvests to be done...beets, parsnips, and sweet potatoes. I am waiting for a freeze before harvesting these things. 

Tomorrow on the schedule, prune all the mature lavender plants back and haul the cuttings away. Most people do this earlier...I leave mine until the blooming is completely over, for the bees to get the pollen and nectar. 

We are expecting a major rainstorm later this week and weekend. There are plenty of things to do inside during that time. 

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