Saturday, October 15, 2016

Prepping For the Storm

The dying Typhoon Songda from Japan is making its way across the Pacific Ocean to the US coastline and then inland. This is forecast to happen, on Saturday afternoon. I understand that this situation has not happened in a long time. The storms normally die in the Pacific. The last huge storm like this happened in October 1962, the "Columbus Day Storm". I moved to Oregon in late summer of 1966, so I have not experienced a storm like this. 

I think that it is wise to prepare for the possibilities that may occur from this storm. The forecasters are predicting high winds and way more rainfall than is normal for the PNW USA. My thoughts are many falling trees, closing all the roads, landslides closing roads, and the loss the electrical power. It goes to say that there will be no television, land line phones, and Internet. We may not leave the farm for awhile, except to see our nearest neighbors, because we live in a rural area.

What have I done;

stored drinking water
stored gasoline for the generator, and maybe autos
Plenty of normal supplies
washed all the dirty clothing
washed all the dishes
prepared some stew and other food to heat up
plenty of candles on hand
put everything outdoors in protected buildings
charged all the phones, tablets, and backup batteries for those items
plenty of charcoal briquette's for dutch oven cooking

We have plenty of firewood. The temperatures are going to stay about 60, so not extreme. The pool will provide all the wash water and toilet flushing water we need. 

There will be baking of sourdough biscuits, and cookies.

The storm may change direction, but I think that I am wise.

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