Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sunday Night Dinner

I want to personally thank Ree Drummond for her Beef Stew recipe.  Check this link for the exact recipe and her instructions. I have all her cookbooks...and I love her recipes and the directions with photos in her books.

Today, Sunday, I made Elk Stew with Beer and Paprika.

I changed this recipe a bit by using some tough old elk steak, and my home grown carrots and potatoes. This elk meat is very tough....and I thought that I might get it tender using Ree's method. I used the all day, slow and low method. It worked, and I was rewarded with a wonderful pot of stew.

I even used my new Cuisinart small dutch oven!  Perfect for cooking for 2! We have many regular cast iron items around, but this one is my first enameled one. I will be using it frequently...

And after all this, and a great meal...hubby did not thank me, or compliment me. Bummer............but I think that he must have liked it...he ate 2 bowls.

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