Monday, December 12, 2016

Trending the SW Jewelry

I sometimes check out online auctions. is a favorite that I look at frequently, and occasionally bid. The problem with them is that they tack on many extra dollars for shipping and handling fees. It can make a good bid, go to a high bid. So...if you go there, watch those things. Look up similar items on eBay and other sellers for an idea of a price. 

I am trending SW vintage jewelry for a several years now, It is very pretty and looks great with casual clothing. I have purchased many sterling silver SW bangle bracelets for $1-2. Jeans, boots, and sweaters are a favorite of mine, and add something like this heart....and some bangles...truly eye catching. I get many compliments on my Turquoise jewelry items.

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  1. Sharon, I use to be an avid SGW on line auction follower,,, but in the past couple of years the fees and shipping have gotten a tad to high... When I lived in Spokane, WA., if I won a Spokane SGW aution I could save the shipping and just pick the item up... but now I am in Calif., and there isn't a Shop Goodwill local...
    But I have made some good finds/purchases in years past.
    I luv the heart shaped necklace,,, lucky you.


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