Saturday, May 13, 2017

Rosemary in the Garden

My Rosemary plants did not fare well over the winter. There just was too much deep snow, cold, and rain. Most of plants died, and I am left with brown and dead plants. These things happen to all gardeners at times.

I looked at new starts at a nursery. Tiny, 4" stems in a pot for $3-4. I am not purchasing a tiny start! 

I have rooted Rosemary cuttings in water a few years ago. OK, so it is back to the frugal method. Today, I got 10 new cuttings from a friend's beautiful plant...that I have admired. It has really nice blooms!

I removed all the leaves from the bottom 2" of the cuttings, and put only the bottoms into fresh water to root. They should start roots in about 2 weeks. 

A generous friend with a nice plant and some gardening skill is all that I need.

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