Sunday, July 30, 2017

Vintage Bauer Pottery USA

Vintage Bauer Pottery, made in the USA, in S. California..... and they are still in business today.

I collect the Mid- Twentieth century pottery. I do like the bright, fun, and wonderful colors. Bauer is in my collection, although my knowledge is limited.
I found this little gem, a creamer, at my local thrift store for under $2. It has an old Bauer mark on the base. The creamers are useful...I serve salad dressings in them, and they are cute small gravy boats. They will hold the small serving bags of sugar.

Here is a useful bit of information, when shopping and collecting the pottery, check the weight...old pottery is usually heavier than newer items. I find that many items do not have a makers mark. If the item has USA on the is old. Modern items only have paper tags, or the standard ink type marker.

I also look at the color, there were only certain colors used at that time.