Sunday, August 6, 2017

Navajo Cuff Bracelet

Do you like it?
Wow, it is beautiful and vintage. 
Would you wear it?

This beautiful vintage cuff bracelet is now mine, and I will wear it often, and enjoy the wonderful pleasure it brings me. I am a little quirky that way...

I had planned to go to a Vintage Faire at Brownsville Oregon....but it was just too hot. I went junking - antique(ing) instead, an interesting hobby.

The Pacific Northwest has been in the middle of a heat wave. It has been much hotter then normal (100 to 105), and is terrible. Forest fires are burning and growing very large, the smoke is bad.  The air is bad, so much smoke that I don't go outside much. The garden and patio plants are begging for water. I put out extra water for the honeybees. I put out a small water trough that is used for the baby calves....for deer and other wildlife that passes by.