Friday, October 13, 2017

Outdoor Ukulele for Me

This fine Outdoor Ukulele is the Tenor that I selected. Why should I try to impersonate a wood ukulele? Let everyone see that I am playing a plastic ukulele. Enjoy the uniqueness, and let others see it. I put the extra sticker on the body of the Uke. A light weight plastic green case goes well, and makes a nice light combination. The great thing is that this combination can take heat and cold. I can leave it inside Prairie Flower year-around, with no problems.

This is the Moonshine Nickel Tenor Outdoor Ukulele. 

This instrument sounds great and is easy and comfortable to play. I decided to get a low G string, because I really like the sound of the tuning. I think that I will make my own strap, it will be an easy craft project.