Saturday, October 21, 2017

Rain Chain

I finally got a rain chain for a downspout on the house. The area has been a long standing problem for us. The roof drains sometimes cannot handle the water flowing. The gutters run over frequently. We have tried to keep it cleaned out, but it is an ongoing situation. After several years of  talking with the man about changing to a rain chain....he finally gave in. I suggested that we try one for a month or so...and see if a rain chain will be a better situation...he decided to let me purchase one and give it a good chance to handle the water. I can return it in the event the chain does not work.

I got one that is like this one, and we installed it yesterday. Today and for several more days we are getting heavy rain. I want to say that it is working fine right now. I am thinking about the bottom of it should be anchored somehow, maybe with a rock to keep the wind from blowing it around. Maybe I could put a few small rocks in the last watering can?